Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is the leading reason patients seek care of a medical professional. Millions of people suffer from back pain daily. It is the leading cause of missed work and second most common ailment next to headaches. Because back pain is so common, many patients do not seek treatment until it becomes very painful and debilitating.

We treat all forms of back pain, low, mid, upper and neck pain. We encourage patients to seek treatment at the first indication of back pain. Regardless of the cause of injury, sports related, heavy lifting, mundane tasks-our medical professionals can provide the care you need to alleviate your pain and help you return to an active healthy lifestyle.

Our team of medical professionals will first conduct a thorough medical analysis and diagnosis using our extensive array of testing equipment and procedures. Once properly diagnosed, you will receive an individualized treatment plan to begin repairing your pain and symptoms. Some of the therapies we may use in treating your back pain includes:

Trigger Point Therapy

Physical Rehabilitation

Chiropractic Care

and more

Our medical staff offer a variety of therapies and treatments that are safe, non-invasive and proven effective. Contact us today!